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Digital Marketing Services To Elevate Your Business


B.Social Marketing and Management is a full-service social media marketing agency which provides services to reach a broader audience to grow your business.

"You didn't start your business to do social media every day"


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Hi! My name is Tatiana, I am the founder of B. Social Marketing and Management. Prior to starting my own marketing and management agency, I freelanced as a Social Media Manager and Marketing Specialist. I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of companies big and small in Canada and the U.S. Through my experience, I have gained a diverse set of skills and knowledge that has made me a well-rounded marketer. I have worked with two marketing agencies, which allowed me to work with various niches of businesses and grow my skills. All of these unique roles have provided me with various skills and expertise that I have been able to pass on to future roles. 

Prior to fully immersing myself in the marketing world, I studied Education. After landing my first marketing role I discovered a passion and talent for social media marketing and design. I am now completing my Bachelor of Business in Human Resources with a minor in Marketing and Communications to expand my knowledge in the field to go along with my experience. I am a firm believer in life-long learning and am constantly updating my knowledge to best serve my clients and business.

I am so thankful for the opportunities my past roles have provided me, not only have I been able to help clients' goals come to light because of social media marketing strategies and website design, I have made friends along the way. I look forward to connecting with you and helping create your business dreams into a reality!

More Options For Your Business.

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"Tatiana has been my Social Media Marketing Manager since January of this year and she's been the best thing that has happened for us. She has created content that was innovative, informative and fun. I started to show up so confidently as a woman entrepreneur which led to collaborations and increased revenue. I also got comfortable with video content which was a win!

Tatiana has a vibrant personality and calming energy and I highly recommend her and her services.

Thank you Tatiana for all you do for Flaunt! We truly appreciate you"

Flaunt Interiors and Real Estate

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